The importance of exercise and nutrition was instilled in us from the very beginning.  We did not grow up in a traditional household. Our mother, a former All-American and professional tennis player, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age 16.  As we grew up, her diet became our diet.  We quickly learned the body’s response to macronutrients and how to regulate blood sugar through exercise.  We also quickly adopted the competitive and addictive mindset that comes with being raised by a professional athlete. “Average is not enough” could have been our family motto. We grew up playing every sport possible and simply participating was not an option. Naturally, after our athletic careers came to a close, competitive fitness pulled us in. We found a way to accept discipline as a form of sustainability and happiness, not a form of control.  Fitness and nutrition are our lifestyle, and we strive to share this happy lifestyle with those around us.




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